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All my life I have been weaving doko and funglo (Nepali traditional bamboo baskets). I have never been asked questions about what I do, however during Dolakha Album when I was asked by artist/curator Kailash K Shrestha to weave the doko and funglo making bamboo technique on an electric pole, people from Gairimudi started getting curious. I was asked questions like, why are you making doko on an electric pole?, are you mad Kanchha? and how would you get the doko out of the electric pole?. For me when I was asked to weave the pole I had similar questions. Now Artudio has helped me open my eyes to look at my profession in an artistic way. Thank you Artudio for making me realize the art within me. I would have also become artist if I had been exposed to this idea when i was young.

Chabi Bahadur Shrestha, Weaving artisan

Gairimudi, Dolakha