The last session of ArtSaturday of the year 2017 concluded with amazing 19 participants of all age groups. Participants explored various art mediums to map their minds visually. The workshop was mentored by Visual artist Kailash K Shrestha from Artudio. Art Saturday is an art workshop for for all ages which runs every saturday from 8-10am at Artudio.

Assistants: Srijaya Shrestha, Pratik Gurung & Rahul Maharjan, Interns

Visual Documentation: Nabraj Regmi, Intern Photographer

Details of artwork by Diva Shakya

Details of Nima’s work

Participant Nima

Participants busy at work

Pratik Gurung interacting with Smera Shakya

Artist Kailash K Shrestha interacting with participants

Details of Smera Shakya’s work

Participant Palpasha Maharjan at work

Artist Kailash K Shrestha interacting with participant and Parents.

Group photo after the session.
Photo by: Praseem





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