Artudio and Buddha Kumari Foundation Team have returned from their trip to Gairimudi where they distributed to the Community Art Center and the local health post.
The team was lead by Artudio’s Manager and the Founder of Buddha Kumari Foundation, Basudha Rai. Buddha Kumari Foundation’s General Secretary Dr.Bibek Shrestha trained the children of the Community Art Center the importance of handwashing before meals and after the use of toilets and distributed soaps and water mugs to each household. They also distributed warm clothes from Clothe Bank prioritising disable children and underprivileged children from the Center.
Dr.Bibek and Basudha distributed medical supplies to the local health post of Gairimudi in Ward 3 including First Aid Kits.P
Photos by: Dr. Bibek Shrestha & Medha Devkota




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