Artudio Photography WorkshopLevel-I39th BatchTiming: 12 Days from 25th April, 2014Fee: Rs. 4000/participant

[SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE FOR SLC STUDENTS]Contact: 9851182100/ 9851180088/ 4002037For Online Registration


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////COURSE OUTLINE/////////Introduction- Basic history of Photography/////

Camera handling and Operation
Getting right focus
Framing Ideas in various basic modes
Basic Photographic terms like under expose/Over Expose/Correct Expose etc.
Practical Experiments in basic modes

////Photography Terms and Concepts////
Talking About the holy trinity of a good exposure
Shutter Speed
Visual differences of Shutter Speed/Aperture and ISO
Talking about Megapixel and Sensor
Controlling light with light meter
Practical Implementation of Exposure triangle

////Getting to know your camera////
Parts of the Camera: the differences between a point-and-shoot camera and a DSLR
Lenses and Focal Lengths
Using right lens for best images
Understanding the shooting modes and icons of your camera
Learning to shoot using the manual mode
Controlling Depth of Field
Balancing color with color temperature/Setting correct white balance
Understanding Histogram Developing Your EYE to see better images
Characteristics of Light
Understanding of Good and bad composition

////Various factor of good and bad images////
Design Elements in Composition: Lines, Colors, Patterns, Textures etc
Composition techniques/Rules: Rule of thirds, Golden Triangle, Leading Lines, Framing, foreground/backgrounds, etc.
Practical implementation of composition in various subjects like Portraits, landscapes, cityscapes etc.
Various possibilities and experiments
Taking panorama
Building HDR
Techniques of using in build camera flash
Learning night photography

////Do’s and Don’ts of taking pictures////

////After taking the photo, what’s next?////
Choosing right application for importing photos from camera to Computer
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop light room/ Bridge
Basic enhancement and batch renaming/Processing

///Introductory session on importance of an Art Elements in photography////

Note: Participants should bring their laptop during Digital workflow session

(This workshop is for Beginners, keen learners, planning to buy new DSLR, photo enthusiast)


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