ARTUDIO, Center for Visual Arts is a platform for anyone interested in exploring the various forms of art. It is a space intended for self-reflection/realization and learning through contemporary arts. Artudio instigates and uncovers the creative potential of its beneficiaries through the support of an extensive network of professional contemporary artists.

Artudio creates a space for various visual art activities to evoke the hidden potential and to breed the consciousness of any individuals to bring about self-transformation through forms of art they want to explore and discover.

Since the establishment of Artudio in 2010, we have initiated various outdoor projects around Kathmandu Valley and surrounding areas providing a platform in public spaces for art. One of the many projects we have initiated are a series of Street Art Projects. This initiative was established to re-introduce the public spaces as an open gallery with life and connect the general public. Another one of our public initiative is the Open Meet-Ups, this was established to share and exchange ideas and understand public spaces including critical discussion series (GuffStuff) to groom a critical discourse in visual arts.

One of our very successful workshops in the Photography are Level I, Level II and Level III. These workshops are taught from the basics of holding a camera and what potentials it has to bring to light and life. Artudio also holds Art Saturdays for all ages to provide a visual realization and drive talents to a successive highway, National Level Photo Contest/Exhibitions with the grand awards for honoring the talents and bringing all the professional artists, photographers and amateur photographers together to show and share their creative works, various seminars, different Photo trips and other visual art activities.

Bal Kala Sangrahalaya is a long term community based art programs, an online museum of children’s artworks. This was initiated in 2011, where we wanted to show the innocence and playful in the artwork of children aged 1 to 16. Through this initiative we have also involved children from various regions of Nepal and are now on the way to establish a Community Art Center in Gairimudi – 8, Dolakha.