Artudio has been involved in Gairimudi VDC, Dolakha from the second day of the 12th May earthquake. Working with a long-term vision of establishing a world-class community art center in the area, Artudio and its volunteers have been conducting several activities engaging a wide range of audiences. Currently these activities are being conducted at a temporary space where positive transformation among community stakeholders is already observable.

Artudio is looking to scale up its activities for the second year which in return is expected to help further its vision of realizing the Center. Artudio is working on frameworks beneficial for both the artist community and the people of Gairimudi. In this way it also hopes to challenge present art practices while producing knowledge about the region that is yet to benefit from a thriving artistic and cultural activities.

The primary objective of the temporary space has been to function as a communal hub for sharing, learning and creating for anyone from Gairmudi. Artudio’s volunteers (Artudians) visit the space (from Kathmandu) at least once a month to replenish art supplies and stationaries. While the volunteers are in town they also host activities with the children. The space also houses a mobile library with books that is actively used by the children of the area. Every Saturday, children gather at the space for various activities implemented by themselves and local volunteers trained by Artudio.

Community Art Center: Center for Breathing Love (CAC) will evolve from this current space and once completed it will become a fully realized multipurpose structure that can also engage people from other parts of Nepal and the world. Artudio hopes CAC can foster new opportunities for the community and creative professionals while cultivating an inclusive climate of collaboration.



Dolakha Album is a short-term curated community homestay art residency hosted in Gairimudi, Dolakha. This week-long engagement will aim to engage several artists in the production of artworks based on research of the VDC and its inhabitants. The project will seek to produce artworks of diverse forms (including video art, land art, photography, site-specific installations, new media and multimedia works) with restrictions on material imports to the area.

Artists will be hosted by community members to fully integrate them into their surrounding. Research will be actively facilitated by Artudio through expert speakers and conversations with community leaders. Skilled locals will also be invited and to collaborate with the participating artists.

The curator and co curator will develop initial ideas proposed by participating artists and production will be completed in Gairimudi itself. The entire process will be documented and creations will be safely stored to be re-used as opportunities arise.

Excluding travel, the residency will be concluded in 7 days. Artists will spend the first few days acquainting themselves with the VDC and spend the rest of the time collaborating with community members (and curator) to produce their works.



Dolakha Album’s primary goal is to create at least 5 collaborative works of art by engaging artists with the local community in a week-long residency. Besides this, the framework also aims to generate income for families that were affected by the earthquake and expose the children and community members to novel artistic practices. It will aim to inspire the community through the arts, while producing knowledge about the area and its people. The following objectives will delivered in the process:

  • Artists are challenged by the new setting of Dolakha, which has yet to be incorporated in the happenings of the Nepali art scene
  • Artistic creations are brought out to rural areas which the centralized art scene of Kathmandu most often ignores
  • Artists create works based on a particular community by also confining themselves as purveyor of a specific time and setting.
  • Provide a source of income for families that have been affected by the quake
  • Allow experts of the region to share their knowledge with artists and the local community
  • Produce works that are developed with the help of a volunteer curator to deliver on the knowledge production through research and the incorporation of the research in their art works
  • provide a practical learning experience to the local youth as volunteers and collaborators.



Curator/ Coordinator Kailash K Shrestha

Co-curator : Nischal Oli


Selected Artists

  1. Abhimanyu Dixit, Contemporary Film Artist
  2. Sujan Dongol, Contemporary New media Artist
  3. Sandhya Silwal, Contemporary Artist
  4. Rajan Shrestha, Contemporary Multimedia Artist
  5. Surendra Maharjan, Contemporary Printmaking Artist



Management team

  1. Basudha Rai, Manager
  2. Salin Shrestha, Assistant Manager


 Documentation Team

  1. Yugal Bhakta Shrestha -Videography
  2. Rawjan Kusley – Photography
  3. Santosh Prashad Rimal – Photography



Sworup Nhasiju


This project is supported by SAFEI, Buddha Kumari Foundation and The Local Community.


(Hand in hand with this project five international artists from Global Art Collective will be collaborating with the community to build a sculpture of the word Worry in Nepali and burn it. This is also a process of healing and bringing positivity in the people of Gairimudi through the artistic process.)








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